To improve health and nutrition status of children and mothers by rapidly expanding and enhancing coverage of intervention in all districts of Sindh, both through facility and community action plan.

To work with other sectors like agriculture, livestock & fisheries, Wash / sanitation, education etc. Overall objective of these program are food security and wellbeing of its citizens.


To reduce stunting rate from 48% to 43% in first five years (by 2021) in Sindh by increasing ‘and expanding coverage of health interventions, that are known to reduce stunting in first five years of children’s lives.


Health Outcomes

1. Reduced proportion of children with SAM in less than 5 years of age.

2. Increased percentage of infants 0 to 6 months who are exclusively breastfed.

3. Increase percentage of children 6 to 24 months receiving an acceptable minimum diet

4. Increased percentage of Pregnant & lactating Women receiving iron & folic acid supplementation.

5. SBA enabled to recognize at least 04 early danger signs for premature and under weight babies to prevent the stunting.