Community Uplift Program (CUP) Pakistan

Community Uplift Program (CUP) Pakistan is a national level non-profit development organization registered under Section 42 of the Pakistan Companies Ordinance on 29 Jan 2001. It is also certified by Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy (PCP).  CUP has developed over the past eighteen (18) years as a national indigenous solution for implementing poverty reduction projects; an innovation that can be replicated by the government and development agencies with unprecedented accruals to the poorest of the poor at an amazingly low per capita cost. It is a paradigm shift from run of the mill high-cost development projects having minimal impact to a result-oriented and synergic participatory development, which we call the four dimensional development approach; “integration, participation, impact and transparency”.  Our focus areas are healthcare, education, livelihoods and WASH.

CUP also has an intrinsic capacity to offer one-window management services, which include monitoring, assessments & evaluation services for development organizations, government agencies, donors, International NGOs/UN Agencies, mid-term/end project evaluations, baseline studies and research studies.  Our donor agencies include but are not limited to, are; United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF), Plan International, DFID, Ministry of Population Welfare, Care International, National Commission for Human Development, CAFOD-UK, Concern Worldwide, World Vision International (WVI), American Red Cross (ARC), ICMC, USAID, Government of KP, Government of Sind, UNDP, KNH Germany, World Bank/PPAF, KfW Germany, MEDA, Asian Development Bank and others.

Thus, we are positioned as a community development resource centre with both upstream policy level formulation and downstream grass root level integrated participatory action planning and implementation systems and monitoring, evaluation/assessment systems for development interventions.

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