Centre for Development Innovation (CDI)


Centre for Development Innovation (CDI) is a non-government, nonprofit and non-discriminatory based organization working for underprivileged people for their better survival in Pakistan. It is registered under Societies Act 1860.

Vision: CDI envisions a healthy and peaceful society in Pakistan

Mission: CDI believes in enabling environment through collaborative actions in various sectors especially in health, education and youth development to empower adolescent girls and women in Pakistan


  • Improved health and nutrition status of people of Pakistan through collaborative action with public and private institutions
  • Developed human resources proving market demanded skills and knowledge
  • Capacitated and mobilized young , adolescent girls and women  about their basic human rights
  • Enhanced capacity of local partners , CBOs and youth groups to carry out research based advocacy on  issues of human rights , peace and social justice
  • Raised awareness for the environment protection to address the climate change issues
  • Facilitated to improve quality education and accessible opportunities for girls in rural areas.
  • Enhanced capacity of local people in disaster risk reduction and create livelihood opportunities for the local people.  

CDI Values: Commitment, Tolerance, Peace, Gender Sensitivity, Loyalty, Integrity  

Thematic Programs: Health, Education, Natural Resource Management, Youth Development, Human Rights Promotion and Protection, Climate Change, Entrepreneurship,

Cross Cutting themes: Gender Development, Social Mobilization and Capacity BuildingMonitoring, Evaluation and ResearchAdvocacy and Citizen Engagement

CDI has worked as a partner with national and international organizations/donors on different themes by engaging various line departments, medical universities, colleges, media persons, FM radio, youth groups, CBOs and CSOs

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